Getting And Taking Care Of Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is the new trend that every woman is dying for. This ultra-cool trend has grabbed the attention of many and looks just amazing. It is the right style of making your look full of dimension and volume. It is just amazing how to see how touch blonde highlights can make the dark brown hair stand out and look so dynamic.

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Some handy knowledge before you get highlights

Dying your all hair may not require that much precision. This is because it is all about covering all of your hair in dye and washing it off. But when it comes to dark brown hair with blonde highlights, this job cannot be done without patience. Not only patience but also precision and technique.

Keep in mind that you are dealing with dark brown hair. Darker hair colors require being lightened up so that the blonde highlight can be achieved. The tone of blonde depends on how light you got your hair done with the help of bleaching.

If it is your first time and you have little knowledge on bleaching and dying it is better that you get the job done by a professional as the process can be damaging if not handled with prowess and care.

A very trendy style of highlighting, which is very popular is balayage. Balayage looks absolutely amazing when it comes to blonde highlights.

How to get it done by yourself at home?

If you follow the instructions with care and precision it is possible to achieve dark brown hair with blonde highlights.

The first step involves the cutting down of the dark brown from some strands with the help of bleach. Choose yourself a good brand for bleaching and make sure you undergo the patch test to make sure you have no major allergy.

Part your hair two ways, and gradually take random sections of almost one inch and use a hair dye brush to apply bleach on the desired random section. Make sure the strands are random and try not to fully coat them with bleach. Let it be streaky, for a more natural looking look.

Wash it off after the mentioned time on the pack of bleach.

Now with your blonde hair dye, dye your hair. And you have achieved your perfect blonde highlights.

Taking care of your highlights

Bleaching and dying can make you change your hair care routine. It may not just some regular care, but an intensive one now. This is because the chemicals can make your hair bit drier than before. So, it is important that you incorporate some good hair care routine.

  • USE HAIR PRODUCTS SPECIALLY FOR COLORED HAIR: make sure you use shampoos, conditioners and even serums which are made to protect the colored hair.
  • PAMPER YOUR HAIR WITH HAIR MASKS: revitalize your hair from the damage done due to bleaching. Hair masks will moisturize and bring a shine to hair.
  • AVOID HEATING: let your hair dry naturally. It is not necessary to use heat tools to style your hair all the time. This will retain a healthy life for your hair.
  • GET SOME GLAZING DONE: from time to time you can get your hair to glaze treatment. This makes the highlighted hair look shinier and gorgeous.

This is an ultimate guide for you to get dark brown hair with blonde highlights and also a great outline for you on how to take care of them

Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights (Hair Tutorial) :

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