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Carrying dark brown hair with light brown highlights is totally a chic style. Give it a go and see what changes the world has to offer to you. It is best when you want it to take you to the escalating levels of fashions. So, enjoy! And be who you want to be.

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Pretty girl walking down the street with a flair of colors and so not one toned hair gives a subtle and elegant feel. Whereas females who tend to have messy hair with blank color are someone whom people don’t like to give another look. It is not their fault in the stars but yes, there is something which is not like others in them. Perhaps it is not too surprising or catchy as they don’t have dark brown hair with light brown highlights. Well, if that is the case then they must know about the basics of coloring them according to the chic style and trend.

In this article, we are going to discuss how exactly one can have dark brown hair with highlights or dark brown color with highlights. Also, we will go in detail of “brown hair different color highlights”. So, let’s delve in and know the science behind color combination and complementation, how dark brown hair goes well with the highlights and so on.

As well all know that ombre, balayage, and forms of highlights are totally in these days. You play around the hair with these procedures and find a significant change in the before and after result. Other than that, it is just the way to pull it off. So, what your hair stylist and color expert should do proper counseling as to what would look good on you before going for the procedure.

What to do to highlight your Dark Brown Hair with Light Brown Highlights?

First and foremost, you should answer the following questions to determine what exactly you want at the end of the procedure:

  • What effect are you looking to achieve by the end of the hair color change?
  • Would you like to take serious changes or not?
  • If you want dark highlights then which shades you would pick?
  • Which tone of brown will you settle with the base color?
  • Do you like natural or radiant glints for your hair?
  • Will you prefer loud and separate color for each strand?

Once you have answers to all, then discuss it with the color expert. Here is exactly what they will do to give the required look.

They will take the following items to dye and then highlight the so not naturally dark brown hair:

  • Bowl to mix colors
  • Hairbrush
  • Bleaching material
  • Brush to spread and work on colors
  • Old shirt
  • Rubber gloves

Method what they will follow is easy and can be done as a DIY project too. Anyway, here is the complete procedure for dying a brown tint on hair:

  1. Wash and dry hands. Then wear gloves.
  2. Mix all the bleaching and color material in a bowl.
  3. It is recommended to not wash hair but yes brush it to remove knots and make them straight as well as even.
  4. Once the hair is untangled, divide hair into several portions.
  5. Clip or tie all except one portion
  6. Start from the roots and go all the way to the bottom. Making sure that each and every inch is covered with color.
  7. Leave dye for an hour or as per advised on the back side of the dye’s box.
  8. Wash it off after ensuring that the color has well settled in the hair.
  9. Condition your hair.
  10. Pat dry and then do a complete paddle or simply blow dry.

Brown hair different color highlights:

These are just the ideas as to how you can work around your Dark Brown Hair with Light Brown Highlights :

  • You can go for highlights that are more towards the hash brown side. This will look best in the ombre shades and would do justice if you have long hair.
  • Golden never fades from the world of fashion. Having said so, giving it a try with a dark brown base will definitely give you a killer look. Since golden buzzer and golden dress glorifies the princess inside you, it will be the source of confidence and unleashing gesture of conquering world.
  • Pink highlights on brown hair will not be less than any real-world Barbie doll. There are several shades of pink, and you can select the right one if you want less of a Barbie look.

To sum it up, you can do all that you want with the highlights. However, yes! You must take care of the questions and know about what you want. Secondly, with ombre, you can be as wild as you wish to be. Just don’t be resentful, be more you, and enjoy!!

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