Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair To Look Like Model In 2019

Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair

Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair: Men with long hair are definitely very sexy if good care is taken. There is something about men with long hair that makes them look very edgy and different from basic short crop cut guys. Like for women, similarly, there are various ways for men with long hair to style their hair. These hairstyles are a great way of flaunting the long locks and making them look dynamic. These hairstyles are easy to achieve and do not take more than a few minutes to get them done. This article is all about hairstyles for men with long hair. Few twists and turns can help your long hair look fabulous for sure.

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Men, unlike women, are low maintenance. They prefer hairdos which are easy to achieve and easy to maintain through minimum time and minimum products. So it is best for them to consult their stylist and get the long locks shaped into a nice haircut so that each day they do not have to hold blow dryers, curling rods or flat irons.

If the hair is long and straight, then care must be taken to shampoo them and clean them regularly. If the hair is curly, then a layering of the hair should not be done heavily. Layering can make curly hair to look frizzy and not too appealing.

There is a long list of hairstyles for men with long hair. Here are some of them:


Make two sections of the hair and twist them loosely along the sides. You do not have to be very neat, as it will look more natural. Bring the two twists together in a ponytail and make a low lying bun of the rest of the hair. This hairstyle will hardly take two minutes and give you a complete hairstyle. This is easy to make and adds a very casual to cool vibe to your personality.


For this look, you do not have to comb your hair properly. The shagginess of the hair has a very masculine touch. So part your shaggy hair sideways. Keep a large section of hair at one side. And yes, it is done. This hairstyle looks great even on formal events.


This hairstyle can be a little tricky to achieve. But this definitely adds a lot of personality to you. You have to bend forward and throw all your at front. Then from the back of head start making an inverted French Braid until you reach the top of the head. Tie a bun on top and secure it with rubber bands or pins. Anyone who is looking for very different and outstanding hairstyles for men with long hair, this one is definitely the best one.


If you have very thick, dense and curly hair it may seem impossible for you to style them in long lengths. But if you go for an undercut and let the hair grow on top freely. The free-fly away curls with undercut can completely make you look desirable.


Simply go to your stylist and ask them to get your hair some messy highlights. The random highlights add dimension to the hair and make them look a lot more than just plain long hair.

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There are numerous hairstyles for men with long hair. And all of them are a great way of wearing long hair while looking masculine and different from others

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