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what would I look like with blonde hair:  There comes a time in life when you get bored of your naturally dark hair and want to experiment something new and totally different. The most probable color you want your hair is blonde and you keep wondering if this drastic change will suit you or not. You ask yourself what would I look like with blonde hair? So before you get into this business of getting your hair blonde, you want to try these tips and tricks to see for yourself whether it is a good idea or a disastrous idea of going blonde

So instead of guessing and wondering, follow these tips for a better decision.

what would I look like with blonde hair - weopit








There are many websites and applications that allow you to see different hairstyles and hair colors on you. You simply have to tie all your hair away from face and take a snap of yourself. Upload it to the site or application and apply the blonde hair option. This is the most direct and easiest way of getting your answer to what would I look with blonde hair. If it looks great then go for it, but if it does not then feel grateful to the virtual tool which saved you from some real-life embarrassment.


You can visit your hair stylist or hair colorist who can guide you better ongoing blonde. The professional person will carefully examine your hair and complexion. That person can be a better judge of whether the blonde hair will make you look dull or bright. The skin color has a major role to play with your complexion. So a professional will guide you perfectly on this line.


The easiest and easily available way of answering what would I look like with blonde hair is to visit a wig shop and pop a blonde wig on your head. In virtual, you got to see yourself in 2-dimension but a wig can give you a real-life idea of blonde hair. You can see yourself in a mirror in all angles and different lights. If it does not look good, then honestly it is a hundred percent bad idea to go blonde. But if it looks great, simple book yourself an appointment with your hair stylist and dyes your hair blonde.


If you have deep skin tone it is better to have gone for a bit lighter hair color. But if your skin tone way to light then blonde can make you look dull and pale. Always consider your skin tone before you go blonde. It is a huge NO if you are too white to go for blonde.


There is a chance you do not need to go full blonde, maybe highlights, ombre or balayage style of dying hair in blonde can be a great idea. These styles are low maintenance and can fulfill your desire of going blonde without any major changes to overall hair.


If you have blue or green eyes, then it is more likely that blonde hair will suit you a lot. So the eye color can also play a vital role in deciding this matter.

what would I look like with blonde hair - weopit









Dream big: how would you look like with blonde hair/curly hair :

Hopefully, this article will act as the best guide for you in answering what would I look like with blonde hair. Follow these simple steps and make up the best decision.

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